Ages 14-18

A songwriting group focused on writing, recording and performing original songs.

Participants will work with a Music Therapist, local musicians, producers and sound engineers


Can ECHO be designed for a younger/older age group?

Unfortunately ECHO is designed to support teenagers between the ages of 14-18. If you are interested in a songwriting group you are more then welcome to contact us and discuss your needs.

What does it mean by volunteer?

ECHO is a big project and part of the goal is to include local musicians and volunteers to help build a sense of community. ECHO is designed to take place over a 12 week period and we will need volunteers to help participants achieve their songwriting goals.

How long does ECHO go for?

ECHO is a free community program designed to take place over 12 weeks.

Do participants need to have musical experience?

No, none of the groups we run require any musical experience or knowledge.

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