Music Vibe

Ages 12-16

Music Therapy group focused on building connections, self-expression and exploring creativity. The group will include songwriting, improvisation, drumming musical games and relaxation.

Includes booklet to keep



Music Vibe FAQ

Can Music Vibe be designed for a younger/older age group?

Yes, this is just a recommended age. However, we do not mix a large age range (e.g. 12-26). We recommend no younger than 6 years old.

I have a disability can I still participate?

Absolutely! All of our groups are designed in ways to be inclusive of all needs. If certain aspects of the group structure are not a viable option we can replace activities to best suit everyones needs.

How long would Music Vibe go for?

That can also depend. Ideally we would have 5 hours to engage with each activity in depth, however, Music Vibe can be done in 2 hours with some activities cut.

Can Music Vibe be split over two days?

Yes. We understand time can be a factor for people so we can split the group program over two days.

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