Art & Sound

Ages 13+

Create a piece of art with guidance from a Registered Art Therapist

Pieces will be displayed in an art exhibition with permission

Compose a piece of music or a song with a Registered Music Therapist representing your created artwork

Art & Sound FAQ

How long does this program take?

Ideally we would create this program over the course of 4 weeks. 1 hour per week with 2 hours total doing the artwork and 2 hours total doing the song.

Can art & sound be created over the course of a day?

It is possible to create a full work in an average working day, however it can depend on the complexity of both the artwork and the music.

Can art & sound be designed for a younger age group?

We don’t recommend any younger than 8 years old for this group.

Do I need to be a good artist/musician to participate?

No you don’t need to consider yourself a ‘good’ artist or musician.

What if I am not comfortable displaying my artwork/music in public?

That okay! We would never force you to do something you are not 100% comfortable with. You can change your mind at anytime throughout the program.

Can I still participate if I do not want my artwork shown in a gallery?

Absolutely! Having your artwork shown in a gallery is optional.

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